jueves, 27 de enero de 2005

California Tax And Spend Liberal Speaks

MARC COOPER writes in the LA Weekly:

“Arnold's recent hard turn to the economic right and his proposals to slap sacrifices only on the bottom half of the population are hardly a laughing matter. Yes, the draconian cuts in social-welfare and education programs proposed in his new budget will eventually be softened by the Democratic Legislature.
...But the problem isn't so much with what the governor is proposing. It's more what he's not proposing. In a word: taxes. In a phrase: taxes on the wealthy."

California, home of Barbara Boxer and Nancy Pelosi, is a good example of why America dodged a bullet when they did not elect John Kerry. California is so blue that Bush did not even bother campaigning there. The situation there speaks for itself. Yet, even to this day, the tax and spend liberals still believe that the way out of the mess they have created is to tax and spend even more! The Legislature will "soften" the cuts? Is this man mad?

One of my favorite movies is "Twelve O'Clock High". It is the story of daylight precision bombing in WWII. In one key scene the bomber wing has just returned from a disastrous flight where one third of the planes were shot down by flak. The reason for this disaster was that the navigator made an error that put them over the target late and by then the flak gunners had zeroed in on the range. Firing the navigator is clearly required. The flight leader refuses to do it because the navigator "feels bad" about his error and he is of German ancestry and is trying to live that down. The flight leader cannot make the decision. The flight leader is brave enough and a good man. It's just that he knows the navigator is a good person if not a good navigator. His heart overrules his head. The general, aware of the cost in men's lives being paid for continuing with this navigator, correctly relieves the flight leader of command.

The liberals who ran California almost into the ground cannot make the tough decisions to save their state. The Governator sees what needs to be done and, unlike Gray Davis, has the guts to do it.
Want to know the biggest joke in Marc's article? Marc says of the Governator:
[he should] "...boldly rip off his Ayn Randian disguise and come out as a tax-raising Superman for California."
Why does Marc say he doesn't raise taxes?
"Feigheit, of course, is the answer. Cowardice. ...Can Arnold show real guts only when paid $20 million onscreen? Will he turn out to be the biggest girlie-man in town?"

Marc, and those like him, who are pandered to by the Legislature, are California's problem. And they have the whole cowardice thing ass-backwards.

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